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The Office of the National Cyber Director joins Space ISAC and UCCS for Space Systems Cybersecurity Roundtable

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO, August 8, 2023 — Space Information Sharing and Analysis Center (Space ISAC), together with the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS), co-hosted a roundtable discussion on Space Systems Cybersecurity. The event, held in collaboration with the Office of the National Cyber Director (ONCD), brought together esteemed executives, industry experts, and thought leaders to promote cybersecurity information sharing and foster cyber resiliency.

The roundtable discussion provided a unique opportunity for key stakeholders from both public and private sectors to exchange insights, share recommendations, and engage in meaningful dialogue. By collaborating on strategies and best practices, participants aimed to further enhance information sharing through the Space ISAC, strengthening the overall security posture of the space industry.

Among the distinguished attendees was Mr. Neal Higgins, Deputy National Cyber Director for National Cybersecurity. His presence underscored the significance of the event and emphasized the commitment of the Office of the National Cyber Director to address cybersecurity challenges in the space domain.

Erin Miller, Executive Director of Space ISAC, expressed the significance of collaboration between Space ISAC and the White House. She emphasized the importance of the recently published National Cybersecurity Strategy Implementation Plan by the Biden-Harris Administration, stating, “We are honored to have hosted this roundtable discussion with the Office of the National Cyber Director. As Space ISAC continues to develop relationships with national security entities, we see immense opportunities to drive cybersecurity information sharing to bolster the cyber posture of existing and future space systems. The recent publication of the National Cybersecurity Strategy Implementation Plan further underscores the urgency and importance of our mission.”

Gretchen Bliss, Director of Cybersecurity Programs at UCCS, expressed pride in being a founding member of Space ISAC and highlighted the impact of the roundtable discussion. She stated, “UCCS is proud to be a founding member of Space ISAC. The roundtable with the Deputy Director of the Office of the National Cyber Director was an amazing opportunity to see into some of the detail and background of where the national policy is headed regarding cyber and space and where education and research can fit into the overall effort to protect the nation. Space ISAC’s efforts to bring the ecosystem together to hold conversations on the biggest cybersecurity and space challenges to our nation demonstrates tremendous strategic leadership.”

The roundtable discussion on Space Systems Cybersecurity marks a critical milestone in the ongoing efforts of Space ISAC to strengthen cybersecurity collaboration and promote the protection of critical space assets. By fostering information sharing and collaboration, this initiative aims to safeguard the space domain against evolving cyber threats and ensure the continued advancement of space exploration and operations.


Space Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC) is a 501(c)(6) organization that serves as the all-threats security information source for the public and private space sector. Founded in 2019, Space ISAC became an official member of the National Council of ISACs in 2020. The Space ISAC Watch Center achieved initial operational capability in March 2023.

Space ISAC contracted with the National Cybersecurity Center (NCC) to operate the Space ISAC in 2020 and is co-located with NCC at the Kevin W O’Neil Cybersecurity Research and Education Building at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. The Space ISAC serves to facilitate collaboration across the global space industry to enhance our ability to prepare for and respond to vulnerabilities, incidents, and threats; to disseminate timely and actionable information among member entities; and to serve as the primary communications channel for the sector with respect to this information. After opening the Watch Center in 2023, member services include support for response, mitigation, and resilience initiatives, while breaking down communication silos of public-private information sharing.

Space ISAC founding members includes Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: KTOS), Booz Allen Hamilton (NYSE: BAH), MITRE, SES, Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT), Northrop Grumman (NYSE: NOC), Parsons Corporation (NYSE: PSN), Purdue University, the Space Dynamics Laboratory, the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, The Aerospace Corporation, the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, Microsoft, L3Harris and Deloitte.


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